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studywork.jpgIf you are a student studying overseas, there are many reasons why I always suggest to students like you to work while going through college or university.

  1. It supplements your pocket-money. If you are like many students today, you are learning to be independent. The best way for this is to get off your butt and do some work. The rewards are plenty, you get to meet new people and improve your social skills, learn to take real responsibilities and get paid while learning these new skills.
  2. It’s a scholarship. When you work, you get to learn so many things which builds your character and prepare you for the future. Think about it, you are paid to learn when you go to work.
  3. The real purpose of going to college or university is to prepare you for the real world. There are safely over 20,000 institutions of higher learning around the world producing graduates with either a degree or a diploma. These thousands of graduates are your competition and one of the best ways to compete is to get as much work experience as you can while you are still at school.
  4. It’s much easier to get a referral. Tagging on the previous point, when you start working earlier, it is easier for you to be noticed and be referred to your next job. LinkedIn published an interesting article on this.

There are many reasons you should get off your butt and grab life with your own hands and start taking control. The next question is how? How can an international student work in [insert your host country]. Well, here are a few quick pointers to help you.

If all the conditions only further confuse you as to the legality of working-while-studying, please contact your school or your education counsellors for further assistance.


It’s amazing how insensitive many sensitive people are. I have always wondered about the missing empathy and found an overwhelming insight from a quote from Anaïs Nin.

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

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Some may say this is akin to running away from responsibility or hiding from shame. Is this a good thing? Leaders accepting blame and stepping down so a better person takes over? The Prime Minister may not be the person directly to blame but it is a position of highest authority and this tragedy happened during his watch. Stepping down sends a clear message; change must happen.

South Korea’s Sixth Republic era have probably seen more than 20 changes of leadership since it started in 1987. That is dramatic.

What happened to South Korea’s economy since 1987? Monumental and rapid growth. Not only in the financial sector but in science, technology and the arts. This is something we need to look at.

We have been conditioned to think change in leadership causes chaos and instability but in South Korea and Japan, we can observe that with the right social infrastructure, it is a very effective method of improving it’s society.

Thinking ahead, the new Prime Minister who will take over Chung Hong-won will have his or her hands full ensuring that safety of ferries is the government’s top priority. This means strict regulation and full-non-apologetic enforcement of the industry. This directly enhances the safety standards with very little delay compared to if the present leadership were to attempt this with the weight of an existing agenda.

This form of accountable democracy is refreshing.

The streets are lined with banners,
Smiling faces, honest laughters,
Promises echoes from speakers at night,
Selling stories to the left and to the right,

They dance, we dance, and we make noise,
They plead, giving us the delusion of choice,

Delusion of choice, to choose a righteous leader,
or to help someone get in a position of power,
Delusion of choice, we line up to make our mark,
If it doesn’t end up being counted, that would suck.

When all this is done and all has been decided,
They move on, we are still here, ever devoted,
They will serve, serve their true kingmakers,
But who they are, everyone will eventually wonder.

The quiet discussions and sometimes disagreement,
They start out in the quiet corner of contemplation,
They rationalise, they theorise, and sometimes, they surprise.

These voices are but our conscious mind,
Going through our thoughts every time,

People give them names, devil and the angel,
It’s just the conscience that make us mentally able.

Cogito ergo sum, we think therefore we exist,
No need to be afraid and fall to your knees.

These voices are not strangers, it is your own.
Your singularity and your cognitive tone.

It’s the voices of reason, making you who your are.
These noisy friends make your head like a Friday night bar.

There be mischievous whispers
and good for nothing calls
where it overwhelms ones safety
and makes the person fall.

For those with strange friends in the head,
Please take your medication before bed.