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What is democracy when the choices provided to you are, a rock and, a hard place.

A person who believes his faith is fragile and easily bruised does not have any faith to begin with.

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Some may say this is akin to running away from responsibility or hiding from shame. Is this a good thing? Leaders accepting blame and stepping down so a better person takes over? The Prime Minister may not be the person directly to blame but it is a position of highest authority and this tragedy happened during his watch. Stepping down sends a clear message; change must happen.

South Korea’s Sixth Republic era have probably seen more than 20 changes of leadership since it started in 1987. That is dramatic.

What happened to South Korea’s economy since 1987? Monumental and rapid growth. Not only in the financial sector but in science, technology and the arts. This is something we need to look at.

We have been conditioned to think change in leadership causes chaos and instability but in South Korea and Japan, we can observe that with the right social infrastructure, it is a very effective method of improving it’s society.

Thinking ahead, the new Prime Minister who will take over Chung Hong-won will have his or her hands full ensuring that safety of ferries is the government’s top priority. This means strict regulation and full-non-apologetic enforcement of the industry. This directly enhances the safety standards with very little delay compared to if the present leadership were to attempt this with the weight of an existing agenda.

This form of accountable democracy is refreshing.


Physicists have been Plancking since 1899!

Physics is cool. Stay in school.


As the size of the universe is infinite (as opposed to the observable universe), we can boldly claim to be at the center of it all.

It’s a cop-out answer from being stumped by not being able to get a straight answer to: where is the center of the universe.

An illusion. Free time comes at a cost of hard work. If it comes at a cost, it’s not free.

If we lose our religion, do we lose our insecurities?
We were born naked, stupid and scared,
Discovering questions with no knowledge for answers,

We think “the sun shines so there can be light”,
The world spins so there can be day and night.
The season change so we till the land,
For this frame of mind, we are thankful to a god who created life.

As we gain knowledge to answer these life questions,
We know that the causes are incidental and not the purpose.

There is light because there is a sun,
Day and night because this rock turns,
Winter is not a good time for planting crops,
Society are the ones busy creating their perfect gods.

There is no purpose for life but to live to give purpose.
We do not overcome a fear of the unknown by giving it a name,
We overcome it as how evolution has prepared us for it.
As sentient explorers, constantly discovering and learning

There is a place for religion for some.
For others, we satisfy these insecurities in other ways.
These other ways have shown the world to be round,
that the universe do not revolve around us,
that we can conquer the seas, the sky and finally,
the gravitational pull of the earth.

Life priorities used to feel like a constantly shuffled deck of cards and suddenly the deck drops from my hands. A door to fatherhood stands before me. It’s like waking up with a jolt and realising how you are not quite ready, mentally, financially and physically.

Whatever plans or dreams I’ve had in my youth about fatherhood has been swept clean by the analytical system 2 brain.

My only peace is that I am not alone in this journey. The mother, my wife, my life. Sharing our fears and building reassuring answers bonds us together more than ever. We are still *scared shitless* but I think it’s a good state to be in to keep us grounded in preparation for growing from a couple to a family. It doesn’t matter that all of humanity before us have been through this. When it’s your turn, you learn a totally new set of value system and realligns the center of your known universe. Very little else matters.

We count the days down to September. Every healthy day brings our anticipation higher; much like the clicking noise a roller coaster makes as it is mechanically hoisted to the apex. I can only imagine life getting faster when he arrives.

Every art is perfection, given the right perspective and distance.

Our mind is boundless in it’s imagination. Boundless ergo infinite in it’s ability to imagine. Infinity is beautiful. In mathematics and in¬†philosophy. When we measure with it, nothing is too small nor is it too big, nor can the smallest fraction ever be realised. It is to say, 1% of infinity is infinity and therefore no idea can ever be too small.

Realise your ideas, the possibilities are boundless.