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Context: Uproar by some Malaysian Muslims on a discovery of trace elements of swine DNA in certain chocolate product.

I find it the reaction by these certain quarters quite comical. With threats of lawsuits and jihad against the company. I find it comical because all of them probably carry quite a bit more of “pig DNA” in their pockets and wallets already. I think it’s quite well documented how dirty physical money is.

Money, paper money. It is widely circulated and touched and handled by all members of society.

From criminals to religious scholars.
From butchers to bankers.
From prostitutes to librarians.
From drug addicts to doctors.
From church to mosques.

Humans, we love the smell of money. We keep them close to us, our prized profession, our Mount Everest. All these hands contribute to trace elements on money. Faeces, bodily fluids, food, oil etc. You handle it with your hands, you eat with your hands. Yet this elephant in your pocket never seem to cause you any discomfort as something smaller than a microscopic trace in an industrial scale. Humans, sometimes it’s surprising that we call ourselves intelligent.



1/Thesis:"Do what you love" / "Follow your passion" is dangerous and destructive career advice.


According to Marc Andreessen, apparently this is so. He goes on so say that successful people who loves what they do are outliers. So the anti-thesis could be “Do what you hate”; which is an odd proposal from the start.

Passion is a fuel. It drives innovation and perseverance. It drives uniqueness and fuels us through differences in opinions. It leads us to discovery beyond the mountains of failure. It was what drove us to explore the savannah and take over the world.The passion that fuels curiosity and powers the very greed that fills the investor’s eyes.

His advice, together with that of Marc Cuban, the other rich Marc, seems to be through their beady investor eyes. If we could hear the echoes from the boardroom which could tell a story of fulfilling financial returns in the quickest way possible. Angel investment is not about helping your dreams to become a reality. It’s about making their money make more money. From this perspective, they do not care about your passion. They care about your promise of returns when you presented your game plan to them. It’s business.

Money doesn’t make the world go round, the greed for money does.

If you are starting out, the last thing you want to be is a slave to money, instead choose to be a slave to your passion. It makes the world a better place and if you are successful in your passion, people like Marc and Marc will come knocking on your door to give you money. It is only then do you have to decide if you would like to sell your soul. They will then take your soul and start changing your dreams for theirs. This is where you could possibly be living in Marc’s anti-thesis, you will be under the investor’s control, doing what you hate so that the investor can earn their buck.

In closing, listen to Nicholas Negroponte talk about starting a life with meaning to make a world a better place.

What is democracy when the choices provided to you are, a rock and, a hard place.

A person who believes his faith is fragile and easily bruised does not have any faith to begin with.

As the size of the universe is infinite (as opposed to the observable universe), we can boldly claim to be at the center of it all.

It’s a cop-out answer from being stumped by not being able to get a straight answer to: where is the center of the universe.

Original story: Woman gets bitten in movie theatre, toe bloodied, The Star

Feedback from the public seem to point directly at GSC with patrons being shocked that rats have no place in modern and nice looking cinemas.

Unfortunately, most of the money spent on the upkeep (if there is effort to) is spent mainly on the fascia. This is very typical. People tend to judge the premise by how nice it looks on the outside (as well as how comfortable it makes them feel) and the management understands this to a T and uses these boundaries to save money on maintenance. If the air-condition works and there is no foul smell, this must be a clean place. Never judge a book by it’s cover. What you are probably experiencing is probably good air conditioning with good ventilation and filters.

Someone has to pay – this will push the accountability back to the authorities. Getting bitten by a rat is a small incident. Just wait till we start getting large cases of LEPTOSPIROSIS!!!

In this particular case, I wouldn’t even blame it completely on GSC – I think the hosting mall should be looked to for answers as well. Sanitation is managed at the mall level and also relates to the municipality. We’ve known about bad rat infestation in our drains for years and the root cause of the issue was never really addressed. It’s symptomatic and relates to bad enforcement. Sanitation is bad; we have organic and inorganic garbage thrown directly into the drains and this ends up with a source of nutrition for all things creepy and crawly that roams underneath our feet. The only way around this is to have un-corrupt-able enforcement.

Coincidence is the only evidence that prayer works.

If you felt that it did work for you, why didn’t it help the children who are dying of cancer?

If you felt that it did work for you, maybe while you were busy praying, other people were busy working on things that you happened to be praying for?

If you would like to help someone, don’t raise your hands in prayer but busy your hands with work.