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The streets are lined with banners,
Smiling faces, honest laughters,
Promises echoes from speakers at night,
Selling stories to the left and to the right,

They dance, we dance, and we make noise,
They plead, giving us the delusion of choice,

Delusion of choice, to choose a righteous leader,
or to help someone get in a position of power,
Delusion of choice, we line up to make our mark,
If it doesn’t end up being counted, that would suck.

When all this is done and all has been decided,
They move on, we are still here, ever devoted,
They will serve, serve their true kingmakers,
But who they are, everyone will eventually wonder.


Malaysia will be heading to the polls in the next few weeks. Politics is thus thrust into the hands of the unwilling.

In politics, it’s about power and power attracts money. Business and politics trumps ethics. The people’s voice is often drowned in the halls of power; a hall which is powered mainly by business. How much have businesses invested in the retention of status-quo and therefore having influence with the law makers have silenced the will of the people.

With business powered politics, we are back into the dark ages of land owners. it will take more than an Arab spring to change. The election process must not be an exercise in futility; there is no transparent and independent platform to operate on and the government’s machinery seems to be run by politically biased puppets.

The days of divisive politics must be placed behind us. Stop holding/pushing the nation back by relentless and never ending excuses to grease the voter’s hands with promises of hand-outs taken from the coffers of the state. A peaceful change must be realised so the people regain their power. So they can regain their voice from the choke of fear. We seek change not because we love the opposition but to let the people know they can choose the future based on core issues rather than those built up by fear and prejudice. Let Malaysia be governed by politics where race and religion are no longer used as a wedge to divide and conquer.

Let’s hope the people can decide and not have the votes decided for them.