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Morbid title but an interesting thought exercise.

This one starts with 3D printing. It has provoked the human imagination and charge innovation in ways that was once not possible. We can build intricate parts with our imagination and will them into the physical world. From 3D printed sky-scrapers to 3D printed kidneys and bones. We are starting to see money being poured into these verticals to supercharge them and industrialise them.

There are many game changers out there but for this line of thought, I want to think about medical science of 3D bio-printing and how we think about mortality. When you look at causes of death, the majority of the causes are technical such as organ failure, toxicity or loss of blood. 3D bio-printing may advance to the level where organ failure may have a real technical solution. Imagine the companies which are already working on this area [1]. New ones are coming up quickly and they are bringing new possibilities to change how we live our lives. Read the rest of this entry »


Ergo, in places where infant mortality rate is low, evolution is not possible.
However, in places where the mortality rate is high, evolution may be given a chance.

If the above is true, it suggests that Darwinian evolution has not been disabled or frozen by technology/modern medicine (yet).

Due to the timescale in which evolution works on, it’s not practical to be dependent on but on a science fiction spin, we will probably see “super beings” with the strongest immune system.