This is my public thinking space. Where I doodle when I try to wrestle thoughts. Mostly about the future and improvement of life through technology and some random poetry when so inspired. I take a chance on predicting the future. Of course, many of my predictions will be wrong. Nevertheless, I find it a healthy way to build a better understanding of human technology and human psychology. This is also a space where I exercise putting my thoughts down to written form.

I believe I am ignorant and curious. I’m trying to learn to ask the right questions.

Thoughts run through in a continuous stream, ideas are only little buckets from the stream. A bunch of thoughts will evaporate as I try to pour the contents into words. Many, many, many of these compositions are just my fools gold. Maybe a rare few of the glittering samples are true gems. Hopefully, I will lose less of these precious gems as I practice the craft of writing. Maybe some of these words may bring a spring of thoughts to you. As so many other past and current words have inspired mine.

You may find my other random ramblings at the usual hangouts below.

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