My eyes feel fatigued. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately  (hoping to learn more about current and future trends in technology) – like a bee hopping from one flower to another, never quite satisfied with the nectar of knowledge each flower seems to offer. Alas, this is my process; or at least that’s how I console myself about my ADHD.

Of late, my positive learning process has been constantly interrupted by the incessant ooze of slimy political news stench popping out of the social ether. My attention seems to be attracted to it like eyeballs-to-kitten-videos and with it boils my temper. This whole #1MDB issue is taking over our lives. The Möbius strip of stories seem never ending – following every new stink, you’ll end up in the same spot. The government propaganda being churned by those protecting 1MDB hurt the eyes the most. It reminds me of the Stanley Kubrick classic Clockwork Orange. A very difficult movie to watch but one that posed interesting views at reprogramming the brain or brainwashing. I imagine people who come out believing 1MDB propaganda may have gone through a similar process.

Sorry, I needed to get this off my chest and into my “public thought fart”. An unimpressive one at that.

Do your eyes hurt from all the government propaganda you see?