Context: Uproar by some Malaysian Muslims on a discovery of trace elements of swine DNA in certain chocolate product.

I find it the reaction by these certain quarters quite comical. With threats of lawsuits and jihad against the company. I find it comical because all of them probably carry quite a bit more of “pig DNA” in their pockets and wallets already. I think it’s quite well documented how dirty physical money is.

Money, paper money. It is widely circulated and touched and handled by all members of society.

From criminals to religious scholars.
From butchers to bankers.
From prostitutes to librarians.
From drug addicts to doctors.
From church to mosques.

Humans, we love the smell of money. We keep them close to us, our prized profession, our Mount Everest. All these hands contribute to trace elements on money. Faeces, bodily fluids, food, oil etc. You handle it with your hands, you eat with your hands. Yet this elephant in your pocket never seem to cause you any discomfort as something smaller than a microscopic trace in an industrial scale. Humans, sometimes it’s surprising that we call ourselves intelligent.