Original story: Woman gets bitten in movie theatre, toe bloodied, The Star

Feedback from the public seem to point directly at GSC with patrons being shocked that rats have no place in modern and nice looking cinemas.

Unfortunately, most of the money spent on the upkeep (if there is effort to) is spent mainly on the fascia. This is very typical. People tend to judge the premise by how nice it looks on the outside (as well as how comfortable it makes them feel) and the management understands this to a T and uses these boundaries to save money on maintenance. If the air-condition works and there is no foul smell, this must be a clean place. Never judge a book by it’s cover. What you are probably experiencing is probably good air conditioning with good ventilation and filters.

Someone has to pay – this will push the accountability back to the authorities. Getting bitten by a rat is a small incident. Just wait till we start getting large cases of LEPTOSPIROSIS!!!

In this particular case, I wouldn’t even blame it completely on GSC – I think the hosting mall should be looked to for answers as well. Sanitation is managed at the mall level and also relates to the municipality. We’ve known about bad rat infestation in our drains for years and the root cause of the issue was never really addressed. It’s symptomatic and relates to bad enforcement. Sanitation is bad; we have organic and inorganic garbage thrown directly into the drains and this ends up with a source of nutrition for all things creepy and crawly that roams underneath our feet. The only way around this is to have un-corrupt-able enforcement.