There is only one true god in this world.

Everyone living on this planet worship and idolise this god. If they have not already found god, they are naturally predisposed to worshipping it.

From the earliest moments of our lives, we were prepared to be able worshippers. We were indoctrinated with basic skills so that we can answer our calling to partake in our holy journey. All this while, our parents were already serving god and hopes that we too can be successful servants when we are ready.

For such a powerful god, we spend our whole lives answering all its calling. We form daily, weekly, monthly rituals and even lifetime rituals. We wake up for it, go to sleep dreaming of it, create rituals around it, we build altars around it and have monuments erected with his help. With him, we cure the plague, we go to war, we turn water into wine, we break bread to feed billions and we have even conquered the moon. Without this god, none of this can happen.

The true god which we all worship is money. The obsession of money fueld the world we know and without it, life as we know it today will not be the same. How we truly worship money, how it can motivate people for good and for bad. All other gods are mere distractions.