Someone asked me this question out of the blue. The context was: I posted “When you realise there are more things you do not know than the next person, you have gotten ahead.”. Someone responded and asked me “what would happen to me if I suddenly realised there is a god”. I know it’s troll bait so I might as well document it here so I do not have to repeat myself.

If indeed there is a god, it has a lot to answer for. Also I’d like to identify which god it is, out of the 3,000+ thousands that’s documented in the history of the world.

Nothing really happens. Why should the world change or something happen because of me, 1 out of 7 billion people? What am I? A point? If god appeared before me and struck me down for failing to believe, I’m sure it’ll come out as the loving god it represents (I just hope someone documents it properly so my obliteration will not go to waste). Not too good a public relations job for god unfortunately. If god came forward and hugged me, I’d ask god why am I so special while millions of children are starving?

If a miraculous cure came to me if I was critically ill and a note said, “thanks to me, you are cured”, I’d ask the omnipotent being, why did I get sick in the first place? A joke? A reminder that I need to pay my tithe? If I walked out of a plane wreck while most of my fellow passengers died or were seriously injured and there was a god… I’d be very angry that god made a point on me with the expense of other lives.

How can you love without god? Hmm. Do you need god behind you in order for you to love? Do you love out of fear? Or how can you be good without god? Morals has nothing to do with religion or god. Altruism and love and all those stuff are what I’d call the human condition. Sam Harris has those topics covered, I need not repeat them or try to be an expert in this field. From my readings and understanding of religion, there are more text describing ways to punish than love. To subdue and keep in order. If we take things into context, in the accepted Christian bible, god created 2 humans, Adam and Eve and killed many many more. Hmm.. this is cited from the bible, not any anti-Christian text. So, let’s try and tone down the “god of love” bit… If there is a god, god is not known as a god of love but one who commands obedience without much mercy.

No, there is no god. Not because I say so but because I do not use a belief system to form my thoughts. I use reason to form logic, not a faith based logic.

I probably know less than the average person who only reads just religious books. However, I hope that the things I KNOW I DON’T KNOW is a lot more than him. For there are three knowledge categories. Known knowns, known unknowns which connects the person to the unknown unknowns. What you know you don’t know is where learning starts and always be hungry for more unknowns. The curious minds leads the way, the satisfied rests.