The quiet discussions and sometimes disagreement,
They start out in the quiet corner of contemplation,
They rationalise, they theorise, and sometimes, they surprise.

These voices are but our conscious mind,
Going through our thoughts every time,

People give them names, devil and the angel,
It’s just the conscience that make us mentally able.

Cogito ergo sum, we think therefore we exist,
No need to be afraid and fall to your knees.

These voices are not strangers, it is your own.
Your singularity and your cognitive tone.

It’s the voices of reason, making you who your are.
These noisy friends make your head like a Friday night bar.

There be mischievous whispers
and good for nothing calls
where it overwhelms ones safety
and makes the person fall.

For those with strange friends in the head,
Please take your medication before bed.